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One of the stand out corporate party ideas.

Paintball is now ranked as one of the leading events for corporate team building. All of the boxes gets ticked. Boosted team morale and increased productivity are the rewards an employer gets from such activities. Rewarding your staff and valued customers with something other than golf  is another good reason to play paintball. Including our state of the art safety inspired equipment, the reasons are endless and your corporate day of paintball action can be tailored to meet your business’ needs and budget.

The professionally built movie-set game scenarios at Delta Force Paintball centres are also the perfect team-building setting. Strategy, teamwork, leadership and great communication are all essential to being victorious on the paintball field and, of course, in the corporate environment as well.

Corporate Party Ideas Delta Force Paintball Woodhill

Decision making is another very important facet within any company structure. Being able to assess, evaluate, form a plan and then direct the execution of such a strategy are skills vital in your team leaders. Picture your managers in the field, leading a group of co-workers against another group of paintballers determined on painting them with defeat. Placed under pressure in various game scenarios by our professional staff allows you to see who can rise to the occasion and triumph and who needs more nurturing in their role as a leader. What better way to encourage leadership, nurture teamwork and establish a healthy and happy business environment than a corporate day out with Delta Force?

We are renowned for organising convenient and adventurous corporate days of paintball action – all at the lowest prices in New Zealand, guaranteed.

All of our centres are appropriately fitted to accommodate corporate events, with covered picnic tables and seating areas, male and female toilets and private car parks that can accommodate coaches.

So gather the troops and get ready for an exhilarating and rewarding day of paintball action!