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Hens Parties


Paintball hen parties in… tea parties out!

Sitting around talking and eating snacks… that’s no way to spend a hen’s party! Be adventurous and provide a day your soon-to-be-married bestie will still be thanking you for in years to come! Delta Force Paintball New Zealand offers the ultimate ‘send off’ experience that’ll provide you and your girlfriends with an awesome time of action and laughter.

As the largest paintball company in the world, and we hold your safety firmly as our primary concern and our 100% safety record attests to that. With full head protection goggles, camouflaged suits, body armour to protect the upper torso, and padded neck collars, a day out with us will be a safe and comfortable experience, highlighted by the all the thrills and adrenaline charged action that paintball can bring.


Toss the tea party idea and slide in a day of paintball in a 100% safety assured environment with people who will not only make sure the bride will be the centre of attention, as she should be, but also ensure the whole group spends the day laughing well before the drinks even start flowing. There’s time enough for drinks, stories and snacks later when the evening sets in, but how about hyping up the girls and providing them a totally different experience that doesn’t take them out of their comfort zone as much as it provides them with a new one! Get outdoors and enjoy one of the fastest growing sports in Australia! Believe it or not, it’s a ‘boy’s game’ that girls play too! And, they love it! We’ve literally had hundreds of thousands of women and girls play paintball with our various Delta Force Paintball centres around the globe. Paintball is a great equaliser.

Only around a short drive from the Auckland CBD, Delta Force Paintball Woodhill is easily accessible, ensuring you and all of your friends will be able to literally paint the place (and who ever gets in your way) with colour, and then it’s just a short cruise back into town to drink and dance the night away.

Feel free to bring along your own props for the lucky bride to wear as well. We can’t have her hiding away all nicely camouflaged, sniping her mates and not even ruffling her hair now can we? Bright clothes always make for a better day and add to the excitement. Special games can also be arranged for the lucky lady and this is where true friendships are forged.

Hens Party Delta Force Paintball Woodhill

For a hens party you’ll all remember long after the wedding, come to Delta Force Paintball New Zealand!