If you have a special occasion coming up and want to entertain your friends to the best day of the year, then come and play at Delta Force Paintball for the ultimate outdoor adventure!

On arrival at 9:15am each player will complete a registration form and collect their equipment as they proceed through to the base camp. You will be provided with all of the essentials required for battle, including protective goggles, full-length overalls, custom-designed body armour and a 400-capacity ammunition holder.

After you are all kitted up and looking like commandos you will be placed in your teams and will go through a safety briefing. This will cover all of the critical safety information for the day and the manager will demonstrate how to use the equipment. This is essential and it is vital that all players pay attention.

The excitement starts to kick in as you line up to proceed through to the gun zone. Look around and get a feel for who is in your team. Even though you are going into battle it’s all about having fun, so share a laugh and make sure you have a good time.

As you collect your weapon you get tense with anticipation. You continue to proceed out to your first scenario and as you approach you start picking out the best points of attack, defence and the blind spots on the game zone. This reconnaissance is the first step to victory, so be sure to have a good look around.

Follow the marshal to the middle of the game zone, listen to the rules of the scenario and then head to your starting point. Communicate with your team and pick a point that you will move to first.

Are you ready for this? 3… 2… 1… GAME ON!

Work as a team, keep moving forward and use cover fire to help you or your teammates advance. If the strategy worked then great, if not then you have plenty more games to try and get it right

Whether you bring victory to your team or you get lit up like a Christmas tree, we’re sure you’ll have a day to remember!

During the day you will play games ranging from simple attack and defend games to thought provoking missions. After each scenario you’ll head back to the base camp to top up your ammunition, clean off the paintball splatters and regroup for the next game.

Come rain, hail or shine the paintball games will go ahead at Delta Force. Contact us today to book in your next paintball mission.

Posted in News on 1st March 2012

Last updated 1st March 2012