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The Peep Show at Delta Force

Britain’s highest rated television show, "The Peep Show", recently aired an episode that was filmed at Delta Force Paintball London.

Peep Show at Delta Force Paintball

The Delta Force Paintball team are huge fans of the show and it was great to see how the filming was produced up-close and personal! One of our staff members is an aspiring scriptwriter and he was amazed to be working alongside the team behind the show. He was more than happy to help set up prop-joints and equipment for them.

Check out the show if you get a chance, it’s already aired on terrestrial TV in the UK and in Australia, but it’s also available online via the BBC iplayer.

Hardly a month can go by without Delta Force appearing in a TV show, Film or Advert appearing somewhere in the world. Check back soon for the next sighting!


Posted in News on 6th February 2013

Last updated 1st November 2017