When you book a day of paintballing with the world leader in paintball games you can rest assured that you’ll receive the latest equipment in the paintball industry. In our 22 years of operation we’ve invested heavily into providing the customer with exactly what they want… a fun and adventurous day out with protective but comfortable equipment.

That’s why when you visit our flagship New Zealand centre just a short drive from Auckland you will receive:

  • The latest semi-automatic paintball machine gun
  • US Spec head protection goggle system with anti fog lenses.
  • Full length SAS-style camouflage combat suit to protect your civilian clothing from the rigours of battle. The combat suits also have padded collars, offering protection to your neck
  • Custom-designed tactical vest to protect your upper torso
  • A hip-mounted 400-shot capacity battlepack to ensure you never run out of ammo in the heat of battle

At Delta Force Paintball we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the best paintballing equipment for your Auckland outdoor adventure. When you put the above equipment on you’ll be transformed from a civilian to a commando and will have the confidence to tackle any mission head on.

The latest US Spec Head Protection Goggle System to ensure that there are no painful headshots. This system also ensures that your helmet does not accidentally slip off in the heat of combat.

In addition to the head protection goggles, Delta Force also provides each player with protective tactical vests. Manufactured specially for Delta Force, these vests are made from twenty rigid plastic plates woven into a mesh vest. The vest comfortably moulds to your body’s natural contours providing added protection.

This piece of equipment has proved extremely popular at Delta Force, particularly with our female players and those who have previously been too shy to play paintball. If you have friends that fit into this category then fear not… with our tactical vest on they’ll be a true asset to your team!

You’ll be surprised at the accomplishments you can achieve with our equipment. When the adrenaline flows and you know that you are protected, you’ll be storming the pyramid to grab the ancient relic in no time!

Contact us today on 0800 850 744 and book your next paintballing adventure!

Posted in News on 21st October 2011

Last updated 21st October 2011