Paintball Love on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day gift of love is a difficult prospect for even the biggest Casanova’s amongst us especially. We navigate through a confusing array of options to show our significant other how significant they are. You could go with flowers, but are they too clichéd? Or chocolates, but “what were you thinking, they will make me fat”. Or perfume, but they all smell the same and which one to choose? And the ladies are equally in the dark. New boxer shorts for your man? Why not a mixed tape but that was so 1997 and no one even knows what a Sony Walkman is these days. Why does it have to be so hard?


But never fear we have a cliché- free Valentine’s Day gift guide that will appeal to both sides of the sex divide. Delta Force Paintball offers fun and excitement for the boys and the girls with quality facilities, superior game zones and a 100% safety record. Ditch the movie theatres for your romantic date this Valentine’s Day and take each other on in Australia’s premier paintball centres.

Romantic Games Zones

Our movie set quality game zones including Black Hawk Down, Tomb Raider, Tropic Thunder and Resident Evil will provide a more immersive silver screen experience than just sitting and watching. Become Lara Croft for the day, or Ben Stiller stamping through the fields of Vietnam. You will be taken on an epic ride of exhilaration and more in love than ever before.

So take your relationship to the next level this year on Valentines Day with Delta Force Paintball. Call 0800 850 744 to book in your Valentine’s Day date or grab a Gift Voucher

Posted in News on 11th February 2016

Last updated 12th September 2023