Grave Dangers

Fear and superstition tell of a resident evil presence hidden deep in the jungle, a crypt, rumoured to be home of the undead.

A legend circulates of the dangers to those who enter, and the wrath of the lurking zombies who protect the sacred resting place.

But your band of opportunists have no fear. You don’t believe such nonsense.  But you do believe in the treasures the crypt holds dear. Your team have equipped themselves and practiced the routines you think you need to get the job done, just in case, the rumours and stories passed down through generations hold any truth at all.

The time is now… you can see the graveyard and you are poised to begin the breach. Can you achieve the ‘impossible’ and retrieve the ancient artefacts? Or are you and your team of treasure hunters going to perish in the jungle and simply become yet another line in a well told legend?