Paintball Game Ammo Packs

Be the hunter… not the hunted!

On your next paintball mission with Delta Force Paintball New Zealand make sure you fill up your paintball ammunition pack to ensure you never run out of paintballs in the heat of battle. It’s no fun being the hunted.

These paintball ammo packs are available to all players and, with one, you can carry an additional 400 paintballs, which is ideal for those situations where you need to provide covering fire or get pinned down and need to shoot your way to freedom.

For those players who are a little more trigger-happy than others, then this is the essential piece of equipment for your paintball adventure!

Our quick reload ammunition pack by Delta Force Paintball is yet another initiative we’ve designed specifically to make your day of high energy discharge action the perfect paintball experience.

Delta Force ammunition packs… helping the weekend warriors and average Joes of the world live out their wildest dreams!