A day with the world leader in paintball games is the ultimate birthday party for any kid. Paintball is ideal for children of all athletic abilities so they can bring all of their friends and they’ll learn essential skills such as leadership and teamwork while having fun.

Why not join in with the kids and have some fun yourself. Paintball is an excellent activity for the whole family and by the end of the day you’ll have enough war stories to last a lifetime.

Even though all players have an amazing day at our paintball centres, it is your safety that’s our paramount concern. We have invested in providing all players with top-of-the-range equipment and have implemented various Delta Force initiatives to provide you with the most comfortable paintball experience possible.

Picture yourself in a full-length camouflage paintball suit, moving through the forest with your best friends, finger on the trigger ready to shoot the enemy and bring victory to your team.

If that sounds like a fun and exciting day then why not get everyone together for the best party of the year! Every weekend Delta Force plays host to countless paintball parties for children and adults of all ages.

To help you get the party started, we have a range of invitations for you to download, print and send around to your friends. Click on the invitations below to download.



At Delta Force we ensure each and every birthday party is the ultimate paintball experience – from happy birthday wishes to a special game for the birthday boy or girl, a birthday with Delta Force is always an event to remember.

Delta Force Paintball is the world’s largest operator of paintball games and your day out at our movie-set paintball centre in Auckland will be the most adventurous and talked about birthday party of the year.

We have a proven track record of hosting successful birthday parties and you can rest assured that we’ll look after you and your guests. Our incredible movie-set game zones and state-of-the-art equipment will have all attendees taking charge and living out their wildest ‘cops and robbers’ dreams.

Call the Delta Force booking office today on 0800 850 744 to book your next paintball party.

Posted in News on 9th September 2011

Last updated 6th September 2023