Delta Force Paintball set to focus on Christchurch

After launching and operating a world class paintball centre in North Auckland successfully for the past few years, Delta Force Paintball has responded to calls to expand to Christchurch. We are on course to open in late March, the site location has been confirmed. We have our world class equipment on the way and development plans are in motion.

Delta Force Paintball Building new games zones

This heralds an exciting change to the paintball outlook in the South Island with the arrival of the world’s only global paintball games provider. The Delta Force commitment to safety and user experience is simply unmatched. Custom designed safety wear, top of the range equipment, well constructed and movie-quality game props have made paintball safer. It has made paintball more accessible to a wider customer base of all ages. Professionally built and run game zones and the ever dynamic game play all add up to an unforgettable experience for the player. Men, women and children all enjoy paintball the Delta Force Paintball way every day across the globe. Players as young as 10 years through to adults are commonly seen flanking the opposition and rescuing their comrades from the enemy village on Auckland’s best paintball fields.

International Paintball Group arrives in Christchurch

Always maintaining the level of excellence has made Delta Force Paintball the popular choice everywhere one of their centres is placed. With both the marketing and construction mechanisms now well under way, players in Christchurch are already booking their paintball adventure in anticipation of the March opening. Christchurch shoppers are taking advantage of the paintball ticket deals being offered by the well established International Paintball Group. IPG is one of the largest marketing companies of their type and have been engaged by Delta Force Paintball to help secure everyone into amazing day of fun. The sales people are making themselves available to the shopping public where the customer can learn about the day of paintball being offered and even pre-purchase tickets.


How to book your event?

To book your day with Delta Force Paintball, enlist a group of friends, family, co-workers or team mates and use the Book Now form (if you haven’t been lucky enough to see the IPG boys and girls). We have our friendly event coordinators ready to plan your day.

Whether it’s creeping through the haunted graveyard of Resident Evil, planning a strategy to get past the towers and into the enemy village or engaging in the high voltage action of Speedball, just to name a few.  Every player will soon morph from civilian to weekend warrior and find themselves in a world beyond their usual daily worries. Paintball in Christchurch will never be the same again, and that’s a good thing!

Posted in News on 4th February 2015

Last updated 12th September 2023