Delta Force Paintball Under Construction

The Delta Force Paintball build crew and local contractors have been working hard for the past few weeks. They have been creating the region’s newest paintball sensation.

The weekend of March 21-22, will see Christchurch’s most comprehensive and professional paintball park open. It will be complete with a host of amazing game zones and facilities that Delta Force Paintball are proud of offering Canterbury. The worlds largest provider of paintball events is ready to give Canterbury more fun for everyone.

It’s not often you see bulldozers and other heavy duty machinery working beside the elbow grease of the local labour force to build a paintball facility. Global News tells us more.

[youtube id=”6fIXBgVB8hk” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”600″]

The Delta Force Paintball team prides itself on creating the most realistic state of the art facilities for paintball. Get a group of friends, family and work colleagues together to enjoy sessions of outdoor adventure.

Over 5 million men, women and children of all ages have enjoyed the Delta Force Paintball experience worldwide. We want you to join them! Call our hotline 0800 850 744 to be the first to experience paintball on a new dimension.

Posted in News on 17th March 2015

Last updated 8th January 2021