It’s hard to believe that Delta Force Paintball first began expanding internationally back in 2007. In those four short years, we’ve brought our unique, high quality paintball experience further afield to Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

We are now the world’s largest operator of paintball games and have safely entertained more than 4 million players, including many professional sporting teams, celebrity actors, musicians and politicians.

Since Delta Force Paintball in Auckland first opened the gates to the public it’s been non-stop! Our Woodhill Forest paintball centre in Auckland has already revolutionised the country’s paintball industry. You’ll also be pleased to know that a brand new paintball centre in Christchurch will be opening shortly!

Before Delta Force arrived, paintball in New Zealand was synonymous with car tyres, old pallets and unsafe operations. Now the New Zealand paintballing public can enjoy Delta Force’s signature high quality themed paintball game scenarios, the likes of which they had never seen before, at no extra cost. No other paintball provider in the country, or even the world for that matter, offers such a variety in paintball game scenarios.

At our purpose built Auckland paintball centre you will have ample opportunities to express your paintballing skills. Be it behind the giant pyramid, the village hut or in the graveyard. You’ll experience all of this plus more on your day out at Woodhill Forest.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Delta Force Paintball Centre in Woodhill Forest Facebook page has received a ton of unanimously positive feedback and the phones at the Delta Force booking office have been ringing off the hook.

At Delta Force all of our staff are highly trained, experienced paintballers who love what they do. They are there to provide you with the ultimate paintball experience and that is exactly what you will receive. Our professional staff have seen thousands of paintball games played out before them, so if you want some advice then definitely do not hesitate to ask. These guys live and breathe paintball strategy and would love to help lead your team to victory!

Delta Force offers over 20 years experience, more than 1000 professionals working in the business and you can rest assured that we have what it takes to fulfil our promise of entertaining you and your friends.

With the most exciting game zones and best equipment in New Zealand paintball, get your friends together and experience an adrenalin-fuelled day of paintball action with Delta Force!

Booking your paintball event with Delta Force couldn’t be easier – simply call our booking office on 0800 850 744. We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted in News on 16th November 2011

Last updated 4th August 2018