Body Armour – Paintball Equipment for the true Paintball Warrior.

Paintball providers  often only offer body armour to women, as it helps protect the upper body from the impact of any paintballs.

At Delta Force Paintball, we want to provide everyone with protective equipment. Our body armour is available to all of our paintball warriors, at no extra cost. We want everyone to feel protected on the field.

Custom designed body armour solves this problem.

Our body armour will help you gain confidence on the field, allowing you to achieve victory without fear of rogue paintballs!

Our body armours multiple memory foam plates contained within a flexible skin and protective plates. The flexible skin is completely ventilated, to avoid a build up of body heat. The armour has been designed to be easy to adorn or remove. This is perfect for when you want to take off the armour to have lunch or cool down or test out not wearing it for a round!

Play paintball in custom-designed armour, that will allow for a free range of motion, and protection from any paintballs coming your way!

Delta Force Paintball takes your safety seriously.

We offer this armour free of charge to all of our patrons, no matter their gender. Delta Force Paintball believes that safety should come first, for every player. We offer armour at the beginning of the day, at registration. If you decline the first time and find yourself needing it then feel free to ask one of our friendly Marshals.

At Delta Force Paintball, we value your comfort and safety above everything else. That’s why we have designed and manufactured protective armour, and sourced real riot shields. If you want the highest quality paintball experience, choose Delta Force Paintball.

body armour

Posted in News on 1st February 2017

Last updated 18th March 2018