What To Bring To Play Paintball Games

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What to bring to paintball? Arrive prepared.

Some of our enthusiastic players roll up to Delta Force Paintball well prepared but many arrive with everything they don’t need, to very little they do need! To help make your day with us as smooth, exciting and as memorable as possible we do have a few suggestions of what to bring to paintball and a few obvious rules.


We provide a combat suit, so be sure to wear old, comfortable clothing. A change of clothes for the drive home is another good idea.


A light boot is the best choice if you have them as the extra ankle protection against sticks etc is handy. However, an old pair of runners are most commonly worn and quite suitable.

Food & Drink

Cold drinks, chocolates and snacks are available at the centre. Alternatively, you are most welcome to turn up with your own food and non alcoholic drinks.


Feel like having your hands and fingers painted by someone else’s M16 semi-auto paintball gun? A paintball hitting an unprotected hand will definitely make you regret not purchasing paintball gloves before heading into combat. But don’t stress, they are bought very cheaply from the on-site kiosk when you arrive.


We would hate to see you travel to the centre, have a wild, energy-filled morning to only have to head home early because during the action packed game play you misjudged your trigger happy appetite for paintballs. Bring some money for purchasing extra paintballs if your budget allows, so your awesome morning can charge into the afternoon without fear of running out of balls. Before the action begins for even bigger savings you may want to talk to our staff when you arrive and upgrade your pre-paid package for one of our group party packs.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to firearm laws, all Delta Force Paintball centres are drug and alcohol free zones. No illicit drugs or any alcohol may be brought to our centres at any time. Persons found under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to enter by law. No paintball markers (guns) are stored on site.

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