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Tropic Thunder


No second takes!

Face painted and camouflaged up, you are one of a group of actors dropped into some obscure jungle with no name, across a border you can’t pronounce somewhere in South East Asia. This Vietnam movie is paying big bucks for a realistic account of the war.

When one of you is captured under a hail of all too real gunfire, your bunch of would be actors suddenly comes to terms with the truth. Something has gone horribly wrong. You’ve been set up! Your guns are not props, and the danger is no hollywood script either.

It’s time for you and your actor comrades to man-up, harden up and get your ‘soldier on’ for real.

Guard towers and razor wire watch over the enemy compound where your friend is held. The enemy know the lie of the land and they expect your arrival. Devise a strategy to eliminate the hostiles in the village, rescue your comrade and get your gold logy backside the hell out of there to safety. There’ll be no second takes and no stunt doubles facing the barrage waiting for you. Win this one and you’ll be a hero on and off the big screen for sure!